La Fine Tech consiste à intégrer de la technologie numérique, et des méthodes nouvelles et innovantes dans tous les domaines de votre entreprise, modifiant fondamentalement la façon dont vous opérez et dont vous valorisez vos clients. C’est également un changement de culture pour passer du traditionnel vers l’innovant.

Fine Tech: digital transformation

Dare to change, opt for our solutions!

Don’t be left behind, keep up with digital technologies, and use them!

Renew your applications

Integrate, or remove, legacy elements and grow your business by adopting evolving technologies and products.

Innovate with new technologies!

Discover how new and innovative technologies such as Blockchain, RPA and AI can impact your business by exploring PoC around your application

Automate your processes!

Use our digital tools and solutions to improve and automate your pre-existing business processes and gain in efficiency!

Optimize operating costs!

Save money on managing your software infrastructure, and harness the power of DevOps and the Cloud to optimize time spent on deployment and release.

Gain a competitive edge for your company with :

Product engineering:
Realize your vision with customized software, delivered on time and within budget.

Intelligent teams
Boost your development with our experts.

Enterprise solutions
Create large-scale efficiencies for hyper-growth.


The Internet of things (IoT) represents connected objects that can anticipate, program or automate tasks and deliver information to you in real time:

IoT (Internet Of Things)

Make limited-edges services smarter and stand out from the crowd! Make real-time decisions with the IoT Gain a huge competitive advantage by implementing edge computing correctly Use IoT to improve operational efficiency Simplified IoT for productive developers.

Digital activation

Achieving digital maturity is imperative for companies to thrive in today's advanced technology marketplace.
Achieving digital maturity is imperative for companies to thrive in today's advanced technology marketplace Radically improve your organization's performance and reach through digital transformation and the use of technology. Improve your processes and make your company a truly digital organization

Intelligent process automation

Automation will become the cutting edge of digital transformation, affecting everything from infrastructure to customers and business models!
Orchestration of humans and robots
Free employees from routine tasks
Ensure good governance and minimize risk
Accelerate process change.

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