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Distribution is a long-standing traditional industry that must overcome radical changes triggered by the phenomenon of digital transformation and its positioning between offerer and demander.

The goal: to remain the intermediary between modern consumers and the alternative go-to-market strategies of new entrants. Success and profitability, once based on operational efficiency and supply chain management, now rely on customer engagement and innovation.

Facing new challenges

Our keen sense of technology and industry expertise bring you the latest solutions developed on Microsoft technology. Our solutions integrated with the latest high-performance technologies provide access to innovations such as IoT, automation, and online channels.

We will help you deliver excellent customer service, protect your margins, and differentiate yourself from competitors in the distribution sector.

  • Simplification of managing your customers, products, or suppliers: (cloning, hierarchical information, product lifecycle…)
  • Strengthening the integration of information flow in your supply chain (EDI exchange, ordered by, delivered to…)
  • Improving inventory control with warehouse management functionality that integrates with the rest of your business to inform sales, finance, and purchasing;
  • Offering an optimal customer experience with quick order processing and accurate pricing information;
  • Increasing productivity and minimizing intervention across the organization through automation of repetitive tasks.
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